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Feast of the "May"


The Isle of May Fossara is one of those rites, whose origins are lost in the mists of time and go by the name "Green Wedding".

Fossara Island community and a horn player even before the launch along the steep slopes. Done out in May from the woods, we return you to find and cut the Board that it will be transported in the same way up to where èstato left in May. On the side of the larger base of the two sections is that "the ingarro" ie a deep rump all around and we passed the wire, since during the launches that follow the trunk could split, knocking down the steep slopes in spikes of rocks or trees. Arrived at the mandatory step of Passaiole with logs one after the other, cries of joy until one of the cutters Christian recites the ritual phrase: "in s. Antonio" and the succession of the Our Father Hail Mary and Glory. So after a cry of cheers in S. Antonio and after the prolonged sound of the horn is launched in May along the steep incline, the trunk falls shopping speed and opening a path through the vegetation. This channel which was launched in May to a certain extent shrinks, forcing him to stop at another necessary step. The same ritual is followed by the council before its launch, then also it hurtling in the wake of May. So all the islanders rushed along the track left by the two trunks to reach the "Fochi" where are firm and stranded between two trees, which form a natural barrier. The two logs, by means of manuelle are disincagliati one after the other and resume their stroke. Then come back and hang up the chains are taken by force of arms in the direction of Pass and Catria. Another launch, perhaps the most challenging from Poggio to the country of the Cross Island Fossara. Prior to this launch the elder says a prayer while everyone is gathered around the May, In honor of St. Antonio did go well and give the plant health and strength to all those who, following the recitation of the Our Gloria Ave, then after a hurray to St. Antonio and a sustained sound of the horn is launched in May along the steep slope, the tree soon disappears among the dense vegetation of beeches called "Selva". In silence we try to follow and understand the noise in the trajectory of the trunk, when the silence indicates that he stopped with a sigh of relief and then follows the launch of the council, after which everyone rushes in the wake of the two trunks to reach them. "The difference in height in the various stages is as high 865 yards with a growth path of about ten kilometers. The sun going down and the two logs are transported to the center of the country and arranged side by side next to the church" " the two sections are firm, safe and sound in the country; the propitiatory rite is performed in honor of St. Anthony of Padua to wait for the second part of the party to return to relive a second time, symbolically as the rebirth of human life "The May Island Fossara Flavio Cenci. 


The second part of the festival is always celebrated on June 13 of each year. A first group of young people from some island in the presence of an elderly person, early in the morning, always cut through the woods, under the cliffs and not far above the country a new trunk. It is called "Top or Pole" and the same essence and beauty of the other two, but the minimum size (three meters), some in the meantime try a plant whose leaves of boxwood will serve to beautify the same rope and the Crown: a second group instead of maneuvering around the two trunks is to study the precise point where they realize ¿½ Snap merge them. Once done with the technique described in the drawing the two grafts, adults placing astride the trunk with an ax, and with the sbozzano cortellaccio scrape it until a very smooth surface. At about two meters below the tip end of the complex wood, now merged into a single trunk, the crown is placed (as in the drawing). The crown and the top are coated with copper green (the box). Now everything seems to become one large trunk that is about twenty feet and more and ready to be lifted. At about ten o'clock starts the phase of real dell'inalberazione May precedentement6e prepared in the pit, the sound of bells announced this last operation. A mixed system of ladders and ropes attached to the trunk and put into a sturdy eyelets attached to the walls of the surrounding houses, allowing the lifting of this enormous weight of his base slowly descends into the pit prepared to host it. This is then filled with earth and stones which are pressed strongly with stakes and sledgehammer. The trunk is controlled in its vertical position with the angle of the church in the heart of all there is joy, pride and satisfaction in seeing soar into the sky the majestic mass of May. It will remove the ropes served to inalberarlo.


The feast of San Antonio is a Catholic feast day which is a celebration at the church followed by a procession.