Scheggia e Pascelupo

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Traditional Race of Chariots


September 8

Nativity of the SS. Virgin. Opening of the wineries of the districts, religious and cultural events, traditional cuisine, games and fireworks. On the feast of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, to Scheggia, takes place the chariot race. The festival is a time trial between the two districts of the country: "il Borgo" and "la Piazza". The "Borgo" represents the periphery of the village, while the District's Piazza is the center of Scheggia. To distinguish the two groups were chosen emblems, symbols and colors. The chariots, one for each District, are pulled by four men, along the way, are replaced by others until you reach the finish line. On the morning of the Feast, "the Tamburine" travel the country and neighboring areas. After a breakfast of "charioteers", those who drive the chariot, the Holy Mass is celebrated. In the afternoon, the race takes place, waiting with trepidation and
everyone participates enthusiastically. Wins who comes first and the charioteer receives a reward a small brass chariot.
In both districts is celebrated late into the night.  In August it
also provided a special edition of the race for children.